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Wood Rot Replacement
If your home has wood trim, chances are there is some degree of wood rot on it. The rot will either be very noticeable or concealed in hard to see places. Possibly concealed under a thin layer of paint.

If you have rotted wood be aware it has to be repaired or replaced to prevent water, air and/or bug infiltration into your home.

Consider walking around your house a few times a year and inspecting the wood for rot. Look at the edges of trim, especially where it meets the roof line or meets the ground.

Look at window sills and other wood components that lay flat and allow water to settle on them.

If you are unsure if an area is rotted, then gently push on the area with a small screwdriver, if it sinks in and the wood is soft, its rotted.
Wood Trim
Door Trim
Door trim is the woodworking around the outer perimeter of your door frame. It covers up where your door attaches to the wall. Door trim typically matches the base trim along the floor, but can be customized with additional woodworking along the top. Door trim can be made out of many different types of wood such as Oak, Maple, Pine, Alder, etc. with an array of different stains and finishes.

Base Trim
Base trim is the wood working that runs along the (you guessed it) base of your walls. It runs parallel to your floors and covers the space between your floors and walls.
Base trim can also be in a variety of woods, sizes, styles, stains, and finishes.

Crown Molding
Crown molding is woodworking that runs around the top of your walls where your wall meets your ceiling. Crown molding, unlike the other types of trim, is usually a strictly aesthetic application. In most homes there is nothing to cover up there as the wall meets the ceiling, and is mudded, taped, sanded and painted. This being said, crown molding can make a huge difference in the feel of any room by adding definition and appeal for the eye. Crown molding can also be just about any wood, style, size, or finish, but also is commonly painted to contrast a rooms color scheme.

Trim Installation
Here at Coastal Construction we have learned from decades of working with different applications and materials just what works best in the long run. From the tools we use, and the time we take to do the small things like pre-drilling the holes before hand nailing. Ensuring that all of our nails hit studs for a secure, long-lasting trim job, also allows us to do our best while still using the fewest nail holes possible.
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